Army’s Spokesman reveals latest developments on the different battlefronts over the country


September Net

Army’s spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdu Mujali revealed the latest military developments on  the grounds among various fronts against Iran’s Houthi militia.

In a press briefing on Friday, he said the army keeps achieving daily victories and are writing the finest heroic epics on multiple battlefields.

In Marib province, army backed by coalition fighters have managed to clear several strategic sites that were under the militia’s control in Malaa, Um Rish, Al-Amu’ad and Thanah fronts southern the province.

The battles resulted in huge casualties among militias” ranks, in addition to the loss of large quantities of weapons and ammunition to the hands of the army.

In the military axis of Taiz, army launched qualitative attacks against Iran’s Houthi militia sites west of the province, resulted in liberating key positions and destroying heavy weapons belonging to the militia.

in Shabwah province, army carried out a counter-offensive on positions where Iranian Houthi militias were stationed in Bihan and Aosilan mountains, killing and injuring many militiamen as well as the destruction on ammunition and military equipment, he added.


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