President Hadi: Ages of Masters and Slaves gone, Yemeni peoples won’t accept Iranian style-ruling

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September Net

President of the Republic Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has said that our path is very clear, we’ll keep on our struggle to restore the State, eliminate coup, Houthi militias must come to peace, give up delusions of ethnic superiority, Yemeni peoples won’t agree to replicate Iranian experiment whatever the high cost they have to pay, as ages of sovereigns and inferiors had gone forever.

In his address to the nation on the eve of the 54th Anniversary of National Independence Day November 30, he urged the Yemeni peoples to renounce divisions, get united to bring this dilemma to its end. ” Every year passed has proved for all

Yemenis that the way to regain their state lies in their union, otherwise divisions make the road further extending”, he said.

He confirmed that he has been very keen to stop the war and establish peace, blaming Houthi militia for prolonging the war”.

He said “Even though we have responded constructively to all peace proposals, sincerely reacted to peace efforts but we have found an adversary that does only view peace as its own approach to the warfare, to impose a fait accompli”, added that” Unfortunately we have found the international community stands by idly toward the militia’s intransigence and arrogance”.

The President described Marib governorate as the Arabian Peninsula’s defensive gate against the Iranian expansion scheme.

He said ” Houthi militias have been launching huge military offensive on Marib for long months, rejecting all proposals to cease the war…, however, the militias will come sooner or later to realize that Marib’s desert is too large to swallow them, Marib is the defensive wall of Arab Peninsula, it is invincible, Houthis’ theocratic scheme, their Iranian Masters’ hopes will be buried in Marib desert”.


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