Yemen’s economy facing imminent collapse, says minister

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September Net

Minister of Finance Salim bin Bureik said” the Yemeni economy is facing formidable challenges and difficulties putting it at the edge of downfall, with serious depreciation of national currency value and $1 exchange rates exceeding 1500 (YR), as a result inflation percentages hit unprecedented high records, likewise unemployment rates and numbers of the people under poverty line”.

His remarks came as he contributed to the first workshop on building capacities of the Finance Ministry held here today in Riyadh in coordination between the Ministry and Saudi Program for Development and Reconstruction Yemen (SPDRY).

Bin Bureik underscored Yemen’s need for urgent assistance by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the SPDRY. He stated that Yemen today is really in dire need for Saudi support more than ever before to bail out the national economy.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr. Wa’id Badhib, Suadi Ambassador, general supervisor of the SPDRY Mohammed al-Jaber, Head of the GCC’s Mission in Yemen Ambassador Sarhan al-Manikher were in attendance.


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