Shabwah’s Governor: Army retakes key district of Usaylan in Shabwah from the grip of Houthi militia


September Net

National Army forces fully recuperated the key district of Usaylan in Shabwah province, Shabwah’s Governor Awad Alawalqi said in a statement to Yemeni News Agency “SABA”.

Army backed by Coalition fighters managed to drive Houthi militia out of Usaylan district western Shabwah amid massive cracks among militia’s ranks, he added.

Military sources said to “September Net”, the army forces keep achieving on-ground military progress and tightening the noose around the posts controlled by the militia in Bayhan district.

Meanwhile, coalition fighters launched several airstrikes against militia’s reinforcements, killing and injuring many of them in addition to destroying heavy weapons and military vehicles, the sources pointed out.


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