VP praises Army’s victories in Shabwah


September Net

Vice President of the Republic, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh, praised the victories achieved by the heroes of the National Army and the Giants Brigades with the support of the brothers in the coalition in Shabwa governorate and their recent liberation of the Usaylan district.

He expressed this during a call he made to the governor of Shabwa governorate, Awad al-Awlaki, in which he blessed the eternal victories and epics that the fighters are waging against the Iranian sectarian Houthi militia.

The Vice President noted that rallying all the free and honorable people from this country behind the political leadership and the efforts of the army is enough to achieve victory over the sectarian priestly Houthi militia and deter all its criminal practices that affected all the Yemeni people of all categories and sects, and thwart Iran’s subversive project and its malicious scheme aimed at destabilizing Yemen and region.

The Vice President commended the positions of the brothers in the countries of the coalition to support legitimacy led by the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their continued active role in supporting the Yemeni efforts to combat the coup, restore the Yemeni state and deter the destructive expansionist Persian project.


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