PM praises heroic victories in Shabwah


September Net

Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik, praised the heroic victories that the Giants’ forces won with a great popular rally, with the support of the Coalition to support the legitimacy in Shabwa Governorate, and the success they achieved in drawing the landmarks of victory, on the path to aborting Iran’s bloody project in Yemen, completing the restoration of the state and ending the Houthi coup.

The Prime Minister saluted, during a phone call with the Governor of Shabwa, Awad Al-Awlaki, the great sacrifices and great heroism that the brave fighters made in record time to liberate the Usaylan and Baihan districts, and the high morale to purge the rest of the lands of Shabwa Governorate and beyond until the liberation of the entire country from the Iranian-backed Houthi militia according to highly organized and efficient operational plans. He noted the pivotal and influential role of the Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the active participation of the United Arab Emirates in achieving these victories.

Dr. Abdulmalik directed the leadership of the local authority in Shabwa governorate to normalize the situation in the liberated districts and areas, and to urgently seek and meet the needs of citizens, stressing the government’s support for all efforts aimed at normalizing the situation and moving towards reconstruction and development in the liberated areas.

The Prime Minister also conducted a telephone conversation with the commander of the Giants Forces, Brigadier General Abu Zara’a Al Muharrami, during which he was briefed on the achieved victories.


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