One woman killed, another injured by Houthi militia shelling in Taiz

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September Net

A woman was killed, and another injured by shelling of Houthi militia in Taiz governorate on Wednesday.

Local sources told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) Iran-allied Houthi rebels bombarded the villagers’ houses in the district of Jabal Habashi.

The shelling resulted in killing the wife of Abdussalam Ahmed Ghalib, critically injuring his sister, setting fire on the whole house.

Yesterday the militiamen killed a woman in the city of Taiz, caused her husband critical injuries.

The Taizian civilians and civil facilities are frequently subjected to the militiamen machine gunfire and shelling.

Meanwhile the population of the city of Taiz has been chafed under the yoke of strangling blockade imposed by Houthi militia’s rebels for seven successive years.


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