VP: Yemeni people backed by Arab Coalition will defeat Teheran’s Houthi militiamen


September Net

Vice President of the Republic (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh stated that the Yemeni people alignment together backed by Saudi-led Arab Coalition are going to gain victory and defeat Iran’s Houthi militiamen who caused the Yemeni peoples unbearable suffering, committing brutal crimes against the civilians and IDPs, targeting neighboring countries’ interests and threatening maritime shipping lines.

He deeply appreciated the Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s substantial support for the Yemeni armed forces in the ongoing battles against the Houthi rebels.

His remarks came in a telephone call he conducted today to the Commander of the 63 Brigade in A’lab front brigadier Yasser Mujalli.

General Mohsen highly praised the troops’ brave fighting, extremely appreciating their great sacrifices they have been making to defeat the rebels and restore the state’s institutions.


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