Yemen confirms work on mitigating humanitarian suffering, maintain national economy’s components

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September Net

The Republic of Yemen has affirmed that the government has been working on alleviating the humanitarian crisis’ impacts and Yemeni peoples’ suffering, maintaining the remaining capacities of the national economy in collaboration with several Arab and friendly countries and the UN’s different agencies.

Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Assa’di confirmed in the Republic of Yemen’s statement he delivered today at the session of the Executive Council of the UNDP, UNPFA and the UNOPS that the Yemeni government is working out the early economic recovery and reconstruction, taking into considerations the previous experiments of the countries which experienced the same circumstances of armed conflict in coordination with the international community.

Assa’di said ” For the seventh successive year my country has been struggling with exceptionally difficult circumstances due to the war triggered by Houthi militias against the national consensus and the Yemeni peoples’ aspirations for peace and development, as a result development indicators signs have seriously declined, gross domestic production, deteriorated, large number of the services institutions closes, services collapsed and the country ended up in unprecedented humanitarian crisis”.


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