Army keeps advancing in Hajjah, seizing new areas from the grip of Houthi Militia


September Net

Army Forces backed by Arab Coalition fighters on Saturday gaining new ground advancements in Harad City, northwest of Hajjah province.

Military sources said during the past hours the army forces have made advances towards the city of Harad from southern axe throw the international line linking Abs and the city and from western axis in the road linking  Harad with Midi, adding that army forces are clearing the southern and western neighborhoods of Harad city, amid violent clashes with Houthi terrorist elements hidden  inside the city.

Meanwhile ,National Army artillery and coalition fighters simultaneously targeted several gatherings and reinforcements of Houthi militia east al-Mahsam camp southeast of the city. The clashes and coalition strikes have resulted in the death and injury of dozens of of Iran-backed Houthi militia, as well as heavy loss in equipment.

The fighting is still ongoing for the second day of the military operation launched by the national army forces in the fifth military area to liberate the city of Harad from the Militia of Houthis.


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