IDPs in Alsowaida Camp hold vigil to demand end to Houthi militia’s attacks against them

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Hundreds of Internally Displaced People living in Alsowaida camp in Marib held a vigil on Wednesday to demand an end to the  terrorist Houthi militia’s repeated targeting  of IDPs and displacement sites.

The Displaced carried banners and brochures denouncing international silence over continued Houthi missile and rocket attacks on IDP sites and camps in Marib.  

The displaced called for immediate action to stop Houthi terrorism against IDPs who live in conditions and  lack the most basic services and suffer the anguish of displacement, amid absence of humanitarian and relief organizations.

A statement issued by the vigil sates that IDPs Alsowaida  is facing constant fear and anxiety, due to the Houthi targeting, which is continued with missiles or explosive drones.

The statement noted that thousands of displaced people in the camp had suffered repeated displacements, some even were displaced for fifth times, and had subjected to the most heinous crimes inside their displacement sites.

It  called for stopping those crimes, prosecuting perpetrators as war criminals, bringing the leaders of the Houthi militia to local and international courts to get the harshest punishments for the massacres they committed  in Marib, Taiz and other provinces.

The displaced demand classifying Houthi militia as a terrorist group, as they deliberately intent to harm IDPs and persist in targeting them with missiles.

The statement appealed to United Nations organizations and the five permanent members of the Security Council to feel the suffering of the displaced and to intensify humanitarian and relief efforts.

The statement also called on the National Commission to investigate allegations of human rights violations to visit all displacement camps and investigate violations committed by Houthi militia, and interview and  listen to the victims to document their witnesses.

The displaced asked  the government to do its duty at all economic and relief levels, and activate all diplomatic channels to come up with international resolution that put Houthi militia in the right  place among terrorist groups to bring a victory for the victims, displaced persons and all Yemenis, who are killed by the militia


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