Yemen minister says Houthis responsible for destiny of thousands of activists after detention facility explosion

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September Net

Yemen’s Minister of Information said the Houthi militia is responsible for the destiny of hundreds of oppositionist activists including journalists and of ordinary citizens (not even activists) who haven’t been heard of since the explosions in Al-Saleh compound, where the militia detains them and stores weapons, in Taiz city this week.

Mysterious explosions have rocked the blocks of flats whose basements are used as arms depots and upper floors are used as detention cells.

Minister Muammar al-Eryani said in a statement to Saba today, “The Houthi militia since overthrowing the government has used prisoners and hostages as human shields” He said the militia always ” turned military camps, command and control centers and the depots for storing ballistic missiles and armed drones into detention facilities, which has led to the loss of tens of lives of dozens politicians and journalists.”


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