Arab Parliament warns of Houthi militia’s maneuvers over Safer Tanker

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September Net

Arab Parliament has warned of the dangerous consequences of the Houthi militia’s continuous maneuvering about Safer Oil Tanker’s problem, using it as a bargaining chip to exercise political blackmail, blocking the underway efforts to make the maintenances the decaying tanker urgently needs.

The Safer Tanker has been stranded off Yemen’s Red Sea oil terminal of Ras Issa for more than seven years, laden with1.1 million barrels of crude oil.

In a statement issued today Arab Parliament stressed that it is very necessary to act immediately to unload the crude oil to safe places before it is too late to avert the unaffordable environmental disaster.

The Parliament called on the International Security Council and the UN to shoulder their security, humanitarian and moral responsibility, taking urgent practical measures to pressure the Houthi militia to unload the oil in order to prevent the disaster.


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