Defense Minister meets army commanders in 4th military region


September Net

Minister of Defense Mohammed al-Maqdashi Friday met in Aden the commanders of the Forth Military Region and affiliates of military pivots, discussing with them field and military situations in the light of current positive developments.

The Commander of the Forth Military Region General Lieutenant Fadhl Hassan, Governor of Abyan General Lieutenant Abu Bakr Hussein and Governor of Dhale’a General Lieutenant Ali Moqbel Saleh all provided detailed reports on conditions of affiliates of military units and level of readiness to carry out military tasks within the region and pivots within it.

During the meeting, which included the Head of Intelligence General Lieutenant Ahmad al-Yafe’i, al-Maqdashi urged all to integrate work and organize cooperation between different military regions and pivots and to promote performance to keep pace with demands of the status que and to unite efforts to regain the state and liberate the homeland from Houthi militia and its Iranian agenda.

For their part, the military commanders showed permanent readiness to perform their military tasks and continue struggle for serving interests of the homeland.


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