YJS calls for releasing the journalists from Houthi militia’s jails

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September Net The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) expressed disappointment and upset for Houthi militia has continued to insist on detaining the journalists Abdulkhaliq Amran, Tawfeq al-Mansouri, Akram al-Waleedi and Harith Humaid.

These unfortunate journalists have been detained in Houthi militia’s detention centers since 2015. They were kidnapped, kept enforced disappeared, tortured and execution verdicts illegally issued against them.

The militiamen have rejected all national and international calls for releasing them.

The YJS issued a press release on the International Day for Press Freedom 3 May in which it reported that the Houthis have continued to detain three more journalists (Mohammed Abdoh Assalahi, Mohammed Ali al-Jonaid and Yonis Abdussalam) who are held in illegal jails and harsh conditions.

The YJS also reported that the journalist Wahid Assofi has continued to be enforced disappeared since 2015 by the Houthi Group amid ambiguous circumstances, while the journalist Mohammed al-Moqri is still enforced disappeared by al-Qaeda Organization in Hadramout since 2015.

The YJS hailed the Yemeni journalists’ struggle for their liberty and defending the public freedoms. It reported that 49 Yemeni journalists, photographers, cameramen and media staff has been killed since the start of the war.

The YJS deeply appreciated the efforts of the International Federation for Journalists (IFJ) aimed to help the Yemeni journalists, highly praised its support for the Yemeni journalists’ cause, specifically the ones who have been sentenced to death and enforced disappeared.

The YJS called on the human rights groups, the organizations interested in journalists protection, International Community, the UN and national and international civil society to mount pressures upon the Houthi Group to annul the death verdicts against the four mentioned journalist, release them immediately along with other journalists who have been detained by other parties.


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