Houthi militias blamed for 341 violations of the truce within five days

September Net

Iranian sponsored Houthi militias have been continuing to violate the UN-brokered humanitarian truce in different frontlines in the governorates of Marib, Aljawf, Sa’ada, Hajjah, Abyan, Hodeidah, Taiz and al-Dhale’a.

The national military troops reported 341 infringements during the time from 30 April to 4 May out of which 113 violations in the flash points of Marib governorate, 69 in the frontlines of western Hajja governorate, 65 in Taiz, 43 in Aljawf, 43 in the two axis of al-Barh and Hays of Hodeidah, 4 in al-Dhale’a, 3 in Sa’ada and one in Abyan.

The violations included offensive attacks with different weapons (ballistic missiles, laden explosives drones, mortar’s rounds, Katyusha rockets and artillery), infiltration attempts and mobilizing weapons and militants reinforcements to the different frontlines.

The report cited the Houthi militia’s Wednesday drones and mortars attacks on the residential areas and civil facilities in the city of Taiz which resulted in injuring 10 persons. 


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