Houthi militias commit 126 breaches of UN-brokered truce within 48 hours

September Net

Iran-backed Houthi militias committed 126 violations of the UN-sponsored truce during Thursday and Friday 5-6 May.

The National Military Troops reported 36 breaches in the frontlines of Hajjah governorate, 27 in Marib fronts, 27 in Taiz, 24 in the flashpoints of al-Barh west of Taiz and Hays of Hodeidah governorate, 11 in Aljawf and one in Sa’ada governorate.

The violations included infiltration attempts by the militiamen into the government’s troops positions, targeting the government’s armed forces personnel in different fronts by artillery shelling and laden-explosives drones and different projectiles, deploying snipers, establishing military positions and mobilizing militants and armored vehicles to different frontlines


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