MASAM removes 998 Houthi-laid landmines in 1st week of May


September Net

KSrelief Center’s Demining Project in Yemen (MASAM) demined 988 landmines in the first week of May 2022 planted by Houthi militias in different parts of Yemen.

KSrelief reported that MASAM’s deminers pulled out 677 anti-tanks landmines and 321 unexploded ordnances.

This brings total number of landmines removed by MASAM since it has started its mission up to 336 thousand and 891, all randomly laid down by Houthi militiamen in different Yemeni regions.

Houthis-laid down landmines were reported to have killed 2,818 of the civilians and injured 3,655 more during the period from April 2014 through March 2o22 in 17 governorates, according human rights group report published last April. 


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