President renews support for humanitarian truce with all its provisions

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September Net

His Excellency President of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi affirmed today his support for the humanitarian truce sponsored by the United Nations in all its provisions, including the requirement to lift the Houthi militia’s siege on the city of Taiz. 

He made the remarks in a meeting with the UN special Hans Grundberg, and his accompanying delegation. In the meeting held in the presence of Vice-President Brigadier General Tariq Saleh and Prime Minister, Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik in Aden today, the President listened to a briefing from the UN envoy on the efforts being made to firm up the humanitarian truce, which leads to alleviating the suffering of all the Yemeni people.

Al-Alimi assured the UN envoy of the readiness of the government to provide everything necessary in order to facilitate the success of the UN efforts to bring peace, and bring an end to the coup carried out by the Houthi militia with Iranian support. 
With regard to Sanaa airport, His Excellency the President stressed that the legitimate government made many proposals, but they were met with clear intransigence by the Houthi militia. 

The President indicated that the Houthi militia has transformed Sana’a Airport from a humanitarian issue to a political issue, and has deviated this matter from its humanitarian goals for which the truce agreement was concluded. 

The President reminded the UN envoy of the need for the Houthi militia to adhere to their obligations under the Stockholm Agreement to pay civil servants from the Hodeidah port revenues.

During the meeting, His Excellency the President also stressed the need to expedite the implementation of the prisoners’ agreement, in accordance with the agreement signed with the Office of the UN Envoy. 


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