Chief of Staff discusses with ICRC delegate situations of kidnapped in militia’s prisons


September Net

Chief of Staff, the Commander of Joint Military Forces General Lieutenant Sagheer bin Aziz discussed Saturday with Representative of the International Committee for the Red Cross in Marib situations of prisoners and kidnapped people in Houthi militia prisons.

Bin Aziz confirmed keenness of the political leadership led by President Rashad al-Alimi of the prisoners and kidnapped people in Houthi militia’s prisons.

He pointed out to the National Army’s care provided to prisoners of the militia mainly children who have been recruited by the militia and sent them to die in warfronts, pointing out to efforts exerted for rehabilitating them and integrating them in the society.

He confirmed also keenness of the political leadership and commanders of the army to end the tragedy of prisoners within efforts exerted by the United Nations, calling the organization to double efforts to alleviate suffering of the kidnapped inside Houthi militia’s detention cells, who are tortured by the militia and providing them with healthcare over torture.

For his part, the Red Cross representative informed bin Aziz on efforts by the Red Cross whether in warfronts or regarding the kidnapped, confirming cooperation with all concerned bodies to make exchange process of prisoners and kidnapped people successful and for alleviating their suffering. 


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