Al-Eryani condemns international failure towards Houthi crimes of recruiting children

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September Net

Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muamar al-Eryani has said that Iran backed terrorist Houthi militia declares its aims of recruiting children as soldiers in its held areas in what are called “Summer Camps” violating international laws and accords.

” Houthi militia talks openly through its media outlets on dragging on children to brainwash them with extremist thoughts imported from Iran, train them on fighting and send them to warfronts as fuel to its hopeless battles in implementation to Iranian expansion policies,” said al-Eryani in a statement on Tuesday.

He added that the tens of thousands of children Houthi militia recruits to feed them with sectarian thoughts and hatred mottos do not only pose a threat to the social fabric and domestic peace but also represent a timely bomb to threat regional and international peace the entire world will pay for its price.

” Unfortunately, the international community is silent towards the greatest process of recruiting children in human history, neglecting dangers of this crime on Yemen, the region and the world,” said al-Eryani.


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