Mujalli: Houthi militia committed 4276 breaches against the UN-brokered truce


September Net

Spokesperson of the Armed Forces Brigadier Abdoh Mujalli said” Iran-backed Houthi militias has committed 4376 infringements against the UN-sponsored humanitarian truce since the cease-fire agreement put into its effects until today Saturday. The breaches of the truce occurred in different flashpoints in the governorates of Marib, Taiz, Aljawf, Hajjah, al-Dhale’a, Sa’ada and Hodeidah”.

Speaking today at press briefing he added” The Armed Forces’ reconnaissance elements report 254 breaches in the frontlines of south and north-West of Marib governorate”.

The Houthi militiamen blamed for 563 violations in the different flashpoints of Taiz governorate, 296 in the frontlines of Hajjah, 290 in Hodeidah, 63 in al-Dhale’a, 46 in Aljawf and 36 in Sa’ada”.

Brig. Mujalli noted that the violations included targeting the government troops’ positions with attacks with artillery, mortars and drones, deployments of militants, military equipment and weapons, shelling residential areas and dispatching military reinforcements. 


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