President al-Alimi receives cable of congratulation from German President on Yemen’s National Day

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His Excellency, President Rashad al-Alimi, President of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) received today a cable of congratulation from the President of Federal Republic of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the 32nd Anniversary of the Republic of Yemen National Day May 22.

The cable reads” I’m pleased to send you my good wishes on the 32nd Anniversary of the Yemeni Reunion, I’m particularly pleased with the recent events in your country which seek for hope, including the two-month truce and creating the Presidential Council, I do extend to you my heartfelt congratulation on assuming the position of the President of the PLC, wishing you all the best and progress in your mission to serve the Yemeni peoples’ interests”.

The German President added ” Our countries have deep-rooted friendship relations for long decades, my country decided to provide your country this year with huge humanitarian aids that help supply the people in Yemen with provisions and reduce the looming risk of Safer Tanker oil leakage”.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier concluded his cable saying” We do count on you that you and your government will do your utmost efforts to reach permanent cease-fire agreement and political solution to the conflict shortly, accept my highest contestations and respect”.


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