Popular protest in Taiz calling for ending siege, opening roads

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Taiz city witnessed today Wednesday mass protest demanding opening roads and ending the siege, which has been imposed by Houthi militia for eight years on the city.

Governor of Taiz Nabil Shamsan confirmed in a speech he directed to international community during the protest that ending the siege and opening roads are considered of humanitarian key solutions to the crisis for all Yemeni people.

Partial solutions, which do not lead to opening roads and ending the siege, will not be accepted, Shamsan stressed.

” We, in the local authority, confirm our just demands and rights… for opening all Taiz’s roads without exception and Taizi people have to get all their rights, which have been deprived from for seven years,” said Shamsan.

In the protest, which marched the city’s streets, Governor Shamsan welcomed the one-sided initiative made by Deputy of the Presidential Leadership Council General Tareq Saleh for opening roads to Hodeida, Taiz and other areas and repairing bridges.
He pointed out that the international community is before real test to confirm their keenness on peace in Yemen.

The release issued by the protest condemned continuous siege on Taiz and continuing human suffering.

The release shouldered the international community and office of the UN envoy for Yemen the responsibility of neglecting Taiz siege issue and closing its outlets and roads. 


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