Presidential council listens to reports on latest developments of negotiations on Taiz

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President of the Presidential Leadership Council Rashad al-Alimi and his deputies listened to reports on military and economic conditions and latest developments on ongoing negotiations for ending Houthi militia’s siege on Taiz and other provinces.

The council listened to report from Minister of Defense Mohammed al-Maqdashi on Houthi militia’s breaches to UN truce in different warfronts resulting in killing and injuring cases from the national army and the popular resistance, in addition to sending more militiamen to different lines by the militia.

The council confirmed self-control to help the truce continue to alleviate suffering of the people imposed by Houthi militia.

On the other hand, the council listened to a report from Deputy President of the Council Othman Mujalli through video-conferencing from Saudi Arabia on efforts of the government economy team in Saudi Arabia on fulfilling requirements needed to absorb financial pledges made by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The council was also briefed by Member of the Presidential Council Abdullah al-Alimi on latest developments of the UN-sponsored talks in Amman on opening outlets of Taiz and other provinces amid Houthi militia stubbornness for honoring their commitments. 


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