President receives European ambassadors on latest developments

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September Net President of the Presidential Leadership Council Rashad al-Alimi has confirmed the council’s commitment of the choice of just and inclusive peace in accordance with references of solving Yemen’s crisis.

In his meeting with European Ambassadors on Wednesday here, President al-Alimi said that the council announced since the early day of its formation that it is a council for peace but at the same time it is a council of determination and force to deter any escalation by Iran-backed Houthi militia.

He said that the militia is still closing all doors before efforts of appeasement and sends defying messages in all occasions, even in negotiation table.

He expressed hope that the international community will exert efforts on Houthi militia to deal seriously with peace efforts and make the interest of people above its own narrow interests.

He reminded the European ambassadors with continuous initiatives provided by the council and the government for alleviating suffering of Yemeni people.

The Presidential Council deals with humanitarian issue across Yemen equally, whether people in liberated areas or those under Houthi militia control, said al-Alimi.

For example, he said, our acceptance of Stockholm Agreement regarding Hodeida has not realized the admirable objectives to Yemeni people and security of the region and Houthi militia rejects paying salaries of government employees and uses Hodeida Port for military purposes threatening security and safety of international maritime navigation.

He confirmed continuous support of the council to efforts of the UN envoy for Yemen for deep-rooting UN truce and support to continuous efforts for extending it on condition that Houthi militia must be obliged to honor its commitments and open outlets and roads of Taiz and other provinces, pay salaries and end suffering of the kidnapped and forcibly disappeared people.

He pointed out to Safir Oil Tanker issue as another proof of Houthi militia wasting all chances to reduce the price of war it has imposed on Yemeni people for eight years, in addition to USD 44 million collected for ending Safir issue and also wasted.

President al-Alimi discussed with European ambassadors latest economic and living developments in Yemen and reforms the council is working on to control exchange prices, improving services and restructuring the armed forces and security.

He argued the international community to shoulder responsibilities towards heavy burdens faced by the Presidential Council and the Government to alleviate suffering of Yemeni people and fighting terrorism and corruption as entrance for preparations for realizing peace and stability in Yemen.

For his part, the European Union Ambassador Gabriel Munuera Vinals expressed appreciation of the EU to efforts exerted by the Presidential Council for making the truce successful and support to efforts of the UN envoy for Yemen.

He confirmed continuous support of the European Union to the council in different fields, saying the countries of the EU will be beside the Presidential Council along the way for enhancing its efforts to improve services and economy.

Ambassadors of France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway and Swedish envoy for Yemen talked in the meeting, expressing their countries’ support to reforms are being made by the council and to the stability of authorities to work from the Transitional Capital of Aden.

The ambassadors expressed their pleasure for forming the military and security committee for the integration of military forces to help the government work from Aden and liberated provinces. 


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