Yemen’s ambassador to EU discusses with European officials latest developments

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September Net

The Head of Yemen’s Mission to the European Union Ambassador Mohammed Taha Mustafa discussed Wednesday with Director of Department of Arab Peninsula, Iraq and Regional Policies in the EU and Yemen’s Affairs Officer situations in our country.

Mustafa reviewed latest developments in Yemen and government’s abiding by UN Truce despite Houthi militia continuous siege on Taiz City for seven years, confirming that the government accepted opening Sana’a Airport and allowed fuel ships enter Hodeida Port, which Houthi militia benefited from their revenues and collected more than YR 90 billion to be paid as salaries to government employees in their areas but the militia seized the funds.

He called upon the European Union to take moral and political position to sand by the Yemeni people and put pressure on the militia and its Iranian supporters to end the siege it imposes on Taiz, which is inhibited by four million people.

For her part, the European Ambassador confirmed EU’s support to the Presidential Leadership Council and working with the UN envoy to reach permanent peace in Yemen to make Yemeni people away of more suffering.


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