Head of Arab Parliament warns of Safir Tanker’s salvation delay

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September Net

The Head of Arab Parliament Adel al-Assomi has warned of looming disaster of leaking, sinking or exploding Safir Oil Tanker off Hodeida City over Houthi militia rejection to allow to UN team doing maintenance work to unload the tanker, which carries on board 1.14 million of crude oil.

In a release to al-Assomi, he said the delay of unloading the oil threatens of happening the greatest environmental, humanitarian and economic disaster not only in Yemen but also on the security and environment of countries overlooking the Red Sea.

He stressed significance of international swift action and put more pressure on Houthi militia to stop playing with this humanitarian issue and using it as a mean for political blackmailing and to allow to the team access to the tanker to do maintenance work and evaluate its technical situation.

He argued the UN to take quick necessary measures to ensure avoidance of oil leakage and take it to safe place or making use of it for the interest of Yemeni people.


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