Interior Minister says Houthi militia is synonymous with drugs


September Net Interior Minister Major General Ibrahim Haidan said, “The Iran-aligned Houthi militia is synonymous with the scourge of drugs, which poses an imminent threat to Yemen and Yemenis, and to security and stability in the region.”

Haidan made the statement to Saba on the occasion of our country’s celebration of the International Day for Drug Control, under the slogan “Report the facts, save lives”, which falls on June 26 of each year.

The Minister of Interior added, “The Houthi militia, and behind it Iran, used and traded drugs in order to finance its absurd war on Yemen and the Yemenis.

The Houthi militia, with direct support from Tehran, worked to flood our country and neighboring countries with drugs. Drugs have become a weapon in their hands that they use to brainwash the younger generations and force them into absurd battles, to be an easy prey for its deviant ideas, which is a continuation of its approach to tearing the social fabric after it turned against the republic and destroyed state institutions.

He affirmed the Ministry of Interior’s readiness to provide all the material and human capabilities it can for the security services specialized in the fight against drugs, in order to play their role in the required manner and with high professionalism, as they are up to the level of confidence and responsibility to confront and confront drug crimes.


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