PM: Talks with WB, IFC came out with significant understandings

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik confirmed that the government’s talks with the World Bank (WB) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) which held in the temporary capital Aden today produced important understandings about bolstering the WB’s actions in the temporary capital in upcoming stage to further boosting partnership and cooperation, responding to humanitarian and development needs and sustain the government’s efforts to achieve the economic recovery and stability.

Speaking at joint conference with WB’s delegation headed by the Chief Executive of the WB Group Dr. Merza Hassan held in Aden following the WB’s delegation visit, Ma’een noted that the government and the WB came to agreement about the importance of balancing the emergency response projects with the sustainable development ones and concentrating on financing the productive sectors such as fishery and agriculture.

The Prime Minister highlighted the major challenge facing Yemen currently which is the raising prices of the food stuffs as a result of the high inflation rates.

For his part Dr. Hassan underscored the importance of striking balance between humanitarian aids and sustainable development to build Yemen that is based on strong institutions in the upcoming stage.


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