One more detainee dies due to brutal torture in Houthi militia’s jail

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September Net

Unfortunate detainee Hussein Qassem Zaid Agailat is reported to have passed way just few days after he had been released from Houthi militias’ detention center in Amran governorate.

A national human rights organization revealed that Hussein Agailat had been detained for more than three years during which he was subjected to merciless torture by Houthi militiamen.

The Moswah organization for rights and freedom noted in its twitter’s account that it happened that Houthi militia issued illegal ruling of execution against Hussein Agailat after he had spent more than three years in its prison caused his health serious deterioration so that he died few days later of his release.

The organization reported that 293 detainees had died under torture in Houthi militia’s detention center since its coup d’état in 2014.


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