President al-Alimi returns to Aden after key talks in Jeddah

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September Net

President of the Presidential Leadership Council Rashad al-Alimi returned to Aden on Monday after work visit to Saudi Arabia during which he conducted key talks on the sidelines of the Arab- US Summit hosted in Jeddah City early this week.

The presidential visit included talks with US officials on latest developments in Yemen and chances of realizing peace and stability in the country in accordance with national, regional and international references.

President al-Alimi reviewed the state position towards current peace efforts and needed US and international pressures to push Iran-backed Houthi militia to deal seriously with those efforts and international initiatives to end prolonged suffering of Yemeni people.

In a statement to Saba upon arrival, President al-Alimi praised Arab and US united position resulted in Jeddah summits for the interest of the Yemeni issue and references of the inclusive solution, which include Gulf Initiative, Outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and relevant Security Council’s resolutions led by Resolution No. 2216.

The united Arab-US position also emphasized committing Houthi militia to implement the UN Truce’s articles and open roads to Taiz and other provinces.

President al-Alimi also praised Arab and international harmony regarding necessity of protecting Yemen’s stability, which is significant to the regional security and freedom of commerce through strategic marine pathways, notably Bab al-Mandab and Hormoz straits.

President of the Presidential Leadership Council renewed call to Yemeni political components to integrate for realizing the objective of regaining the state and rebuilding the destroyed state institutions in line with repairing our regional and international relations.


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