Houthi terrorism shelling, snipping targets civilians amid Truce

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September Net

 The Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia have continued their crimes and violations against civilians in various provinces of the country, mainly in Taiz, amid the UN truce and an unjustified silence from the United Nations towards all these Houthi crimes.

 Fourteen children were killed and injured in the past five days by the Houthi terrorist militia in Taiz governorate.

 Moreover, Houthi terrorist militia carried out Saturday evening heavy shelling against residential houses in Alrawdah neighborhood, causing life-threatening injuries to 12 kids one of who died of his wounds.

 Two days ago, Houthi terrorist militia’s snipers killed a child and seriously injured another in the same city of Taiz.

The Houthi terrorist militia supposed to break the siege they have been for years imposing around the city of Taiz as per their obligations during signing the truce, but they instead increased their daily attacks and crimes against the civilians and populated neighborhoods of the city.

 In this context, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has called on the United Nations to play its part in monitoring compliance with the provision of the armistice. The Observatory added that “The Houthi shelling was  indiscriminate and unjustified attack, contrary to the group’s commitments to the armistice agreement,” noting that residents in Taiz were waiting for “roads to be opened, the siege to be lifted, not more death and destruction In response to the militia continued crimes, the city of Taiz witnessed”.

 Tuesday a massive popular demonstration demanded an end for the siege imposed by the Houthi terrorist militia around the city. The protesters denounced the UN and International Community silence toward the Houthi militia continued crimes against civilians in the city despite the truce.

 They called on the international community and the UN Envoy to Yemen to condemn the Houthi terrorist militia crimes against the children, women and civilians in Taiz amid the ongoing truce and the militia persistent to not open roads to the city and lift their siege.


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