168 civilians killed, injured by Houthi militia landmines since April


September Net

Landmines planted the Houthi terrorist militia have killed and injured 168 civilians, including women and children, since the beginning of the truce in  several Yemeni provinces.

The Yemeni Landmine Records said in a statement it had documented the death and injury of 168 civilians, due to mines planted by the militia since the UN truce began in last April.

It added that the 57 victims were killed including 28 children and 4 women, and  111 were wounded, including 47 children and 8 women.

The highest number of casualties were in Hodeida province with 69 cases followed by Taiz 26 cases while the rest of victims were from Hajja, Albayda, Saada, Aljouf, Marib and Lahj and Nihm in Sana’a, the Observatory said.

It pointed that in addition to the human losses during the period of the truce, there were also huge material losses caused by the accidents of mine and projectile explosions, which consisted of the destruction of 6 cars, two agricultural plowings, 9 motorcycles, and the death of more than 40 cattle livestock. The Yemeni Mine Records stressed in the statement on the necessity to pressure the Houthi militia to hand over the maps of mines, and to urgently support demining teams to help cleaning populated and agricultural areas that have recently been contaminated with explosives and landmines planted by the Houthi militia


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