FM discusses with the coordinator of the sanctions committee team the latest developments

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Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, discussed with the Coordinator of the Sanctions Committee’s Expert Team, Debbie Dash, the political and security developments in Yemen and a number of issues and files that the expert team is studying. 

In the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs briefed the team’s coordinator on the latest developments and efforts to restore peace and stability in Yemen and the concessions made by the government in order to extend and consolidate the armistice and alleviate the suffering of Yemenis and obstacles placed by the Houthi militia to complete the implementation and expansion of the provisions of the truce, including the refusal to open roads in Taiz And the other governorates and their continuous violations of the ceasefire, the latest of which was the militias’ attack yesterday evening and this morning on the Al-Dhabab area, west of Taiz, in an attempt to cut off the last remaining road to the besieged city of Taiz. 

The minister said, “At a time when we demand the opening of the besieged Taiz roads under the terms of the truce agreement, the militias launch this attack to complete the encirclement of the city of Taiz, in flagrant defiance of all international efforts.” 


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