Gov’t issues a statement regarding the Houthi attack on Taiz


September Net

The Houthi militia launched a violent attack on the Al-Dhabab area, west of the city of Taiz, from last evening until early today, Monday, in an attempt to capture the area and block the last open road that connects the city of Taiz with Aden governorate.

The attack resulted in the death of 10 soldiers and the wounding of 7 others, at a time when the efforts of the international community and the United Nations are focused on establishing and expanding the humanitarian truce and building on it to resume political efforts and achieve peace in Yemen. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, “The government views the attack as a blatant challenge to all initiatives and endeavors aimed at ending the war and achieving peace, and an attempt to undermine efforts to extend and expand the humanitarian truce and to impose a full siege on the city of Taiz, which has already been under siege for seven years.” 

The government called on the militia to fulfill its obligations to open the main roads to and from Taiz, saying it would not allow the Houthi militia to continue its violations and abuse and exploitation of the truce and to benefit from the government side’s commitment to implement the terms of the truce to achieve military and political goals at the expense of Yemenis’ choices and aspirations for peace and stability.

The government said the Houthi militias bear the consequences of this escalation.

The statement added, “With this dangerous escalation, the government calls on the international envoy to assume his responsibilities and condemn these criminal and escalatory acts of the Houthi group against Taiz, especially as military delegations are in the Jordanian capital under the UN’s auspices to discuss ensuring compliance with the ceasefire and preventing military violations of the truce.”


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