A security source warns citizens against dealing with any entities belonging to Houthi militia

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September Net

An official source at the Ministry of Interior warned all Yemeni citizens residing abroad against dealing with individuals and entities that belong to or promote the ideas and actions of the terrorist Houthi militia in any way.

The source said, “According to National Defense Council Resolution No. (1) of 2022, which labels the Houthi coup militia as a terrorist organization, all entities and individuals who provide support, assistance, facilities, or any form of support, cooperation, and dealing with this terrorist group will be subject to legal accountability in accordance with the law.” According to Yemeni laws, strict measures will be taken against anyone who proves his involvement in supporting this terrorist organization. The source called on all citizens residing abroad to report anyone who provides support and cooperation or promotes this terrorist group.

The source pointed out that the government and the concerned authorities will take strict measures and penalties against anyone proven to be involved in supporting this terrorist organization.


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