Houthi militia wounds kid west of Al-Jawf province

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September Net

A little child has been seriously injured after being shot by militiamen affiliated to one of the Houthi leaders in the west of Al-Jawf province.

Sources told “September Net” that the 10-year-old child, “Askar Muhammad Al-Marrani,” was shot by escorts of the militia leader “Abu Badr Zara”, while he was returning from the “Al-Thuluth” market area in the Khub and Al-Shaaf district to his village in Barat Ragoza, west of the province.

The sources said that the child’s injury is extremely serious, as the bullet settled in his head and caused a fracture of the head bone and internal bleeding.

The kid also lost his memory, and the shot caused significant damage to his mental powers, according to the sources.

The child is receiving treatment in a hospital in Sanaa, but he is exposed to health neglect, which requires urgent intervention to save his life.


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