PM confirms government will continue to take firm measures to combat corruption

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik affirmed that the government, with strong support from the Presidential Leadership Council, is continuing to take practical and firm measures to combat corruption, activate the rule of law over everyone without exception, and correct the work of state institutions, within the comprehensive reform program. This came during Dr.

Abdulmalik’s reception, in the interim capital, Aden, of the President and members of the Supreme National Commission for Combating Corruption, where they briefed him on the ongoing efforts to strengthen the system of transparency and integrity and what has been accomplished during the last period, and the required cooperation between the government and the Commission to enhance these efforts.

The Prime Minister drew attention to the measures taken by the government in order to activate the oversight role, correct imbalances, combat corruption, and enhance the state’s presence and prestige.


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