Shura Council confirms legitimacy of all forms of resistance against Houthi militias’ coup

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Shura Council has confirmed the legitimacy of all forms of military and civil resistance against the Iran-backed Houthi militias’ coup to restore the Yemeni peoples’ right to have their own legitimate government and institutions, calling on the International Community (IC) to practically act to mount pressures upon Houthi militias to press for peace in Yemen.

As it held its periodical leadership session today, Saturday, here chaired by the Speaker Dr. Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher, the Council reiterated its full support for every efforts by the Presidential Leadership Council to strengthen the national opposition to the Iran-backed Houthi militias’ coup d’état against the legitimate government.

The Shura Council praised the Presidential Council’s efforts to re-build the two military and security institutions given that they are a prerequisite condition to restore the state’s institutions.

The Council also confirmed its support for the National Defense Council’s resolution about designating the Houthi militias as a “Terrorist Organization” besides that they have proved a racist-sectarian, abhorrent criminal gang.


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