Al-Zaori confirms government’s keenness on facilitating organizations’ work

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Minister of Social and Labor Affairs Mohammad al-Zaori has confirmed significance of active and significant role of UN, regional and international organizations as prime partner to the government in interventions and implementing humanitarian and developmental projects and programs in different domains.

In his meeting with the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Aden Nilz Dingol on Thursday, Minister al-Zaori confirmed that the government is committed in coordination with all UN, regional and international organizations in accordance with the law and agreements.

Al-Zaori stressed necessity of activating article No. 20 of the labor Law No. 5 for 1995 by the organizations and activating article 22 of the same law, confirming that the government is committed to facilitate the work of these organizations and is keen on handing over humanitarian assistances to the targeted groups across Yemen.

He strongly condemned what is called the Supreme Council and Coordinating Humanitarian and International Cooperation Affaires established by Houthi terrorist militia in Sana’a for creating hindrances and obstacles before the all-international organizations, which limited in big scale of implementing humanitarian projects and complicated humanitarian situations of citizens.

For his part, the UN official praised efforts of the government in providing necessary facilitations and solving difficulties facing international organizations in different fields and sectors, showing readiness on coordination with the ministry to solve all difficulties.


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