President al-Alimi confirms independence of Judiciary

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September Net

Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, along with Member of the Council Abdulrahman al-Mahrami, met Thursday with Chairman and Members of the Supreme Judiciary Council, who handed him a report on accomplishments of the Judiciary Authority during the past period.

President al-Alimi confirmed significance of the role of the judiciary in protecting rights of citizens, realizing justice and implementing the rule of law, especially in this exceptional period.

He renewed commitment of the council and the government in the principle of separation between authorities and independence of judiciary, as well as working on alleviating all difficulties before judiciary to perform its responsibilities as demanded.

President al-Alimi put the judiciary authority before the latest political and economic developments, service reforms and efforts of alleviating suffering of the people over the disastrous repercussions of Houthi terrorist militia’s attacks on oil establishments and international maritime navigation.

Chairman of the Supreme Judiciary Council, in presence of Justice Minister Badr al-Aredha, reviewed a report on accomplishments of the council and demands to improve the judiciary authority and boost its role in realizing justice and the role of law and protecting rights and freedoms.


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