Marib Human Rights Office condemns Houthi bombing of 4 houses in Serwah western Marib

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September Net

The Human Rights Office in Marib Governorate condemned the terrorist Houthi militia’s bombing of four citizens’ homes located in the Al-Rawda and Al-Zour areas of the Serwah district last Saturday.

The office said in a statement it had received a report about the terrorist Houthi militia for blowing up the homes of Ahmed Nasser Al-Dawla, Abdulaziz Ahmed Nasser Al-Dawla, and Ahmed Zaben Allah Jarwan, and Abdullah Muhammad Al-Dawla in the areas of Al-Rawdah and Al-Zour in the Serwah district west Marib province.

The statement indicated that this heinous crime represents a flagrant violation of all international laws, values and covenants, and falls within the war crimes and crimes against humanity that militias have been practicing against civilians in Marib governorate continuously for more than eight years.

The Human Rights Office in Marib called on the United Nations, the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and all international organizations and agencies concerned with human rights to condemn such crimes, take strict and serious stances against the Houthi militia, and label it as a terrorist organization.


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