Cabinet discusses emerging issues and takes a number of decisions

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The Cabinet has discussed a number of emerging issues and topics in the political, military, security, economic and service aspects, in light of the reports submitted by the relevant ministries, and took the appropriate decisions regarding them.

In a meeting held in the interim capital, Aden, today, the council of ministers approved a number of measures taken by the Ministerial Committee in charge of studying economic developments and setting up remedies to secure the movement of trade in the land and sea ports.. and emphasized its continuation of its work in regulating trade movement in ports in a way that guarantees easy arrival of goods and reducing the cost of transportation and insurance in the ports of the liberated regions, in a way that contributes to raising the efficiency of the process of transporting and delivering various goods and commodities.

The Council reassured the private and commercial sector and importers that the government is determined to take all measures aimed at facilitating their activities and protecting them from all extortions or pressures exerted by the terrorist Houthi militia.. stressing that the Houthi terrorist militia’s attempts to turn the path of peace into an economic war aimed at deepening the tragedy of the Yemeni people will fail and that the government will deal firmly with any illegal actions by the terrorist militia.

The Council of Ministers ordered the implementation of procedures and measures that preserve public funds and implement government decisions regulating imports and complying with the government’s obligations in combating money laundering and financing terrorism, including UN and international resolutions related to banning the import and sale of Iranian oil.

The Council of Ministers expressed Yemen’s appreciation of the leadership and government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for depositing an amount of one billion dollars as a deposit at the Central Bank of Yemen, as part of the kingdom’s pledges and efforts to provide support to the Yemeni people in various circumstances and conditions.. stressing that this support is an important step to maintain stability of the rial and the strengthening of central bank reserves and the stability of the economy.

The Council expressed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman, for the Kingdom’s generous support to the Yemeni people and their firm and honorable stances in various circumstances and situations, the latest of which was the provision of a deposit of one billion dollars to the Central Bank of Yemen.

At the outset of the meeting, the Prime Minister briefed the members of the Council on the latest developments in various fields and the directives issued by the Presidential Leadership Council on a number of issues, and the procedures required by the ministries and competent authorities for implementation and the need to redouble efforts in these exceptional circumstances.

He referred to economic developments in light of reserve support at the central bank with an amount of one billion dollars from the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the procedures required to be taken to control the currency exchange rate and the prices of basic commodities and services.

The Prime Minister touched on the results of his participation in the World Summit of Governments held in Dubai, pointing to the results of the bilateral meetings he held on the sidelines of the summit and his meeting with the UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the firm positions of brothers and friends in continuing to support legitimacy and alleviate the human suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the war ignited by the terrorist Houthi militia.

The Cabinet reviewed the report of the Minister of Defense, on the developments in the field and military situation on the battle fronts against the terrorist Houthi militia, and the high readiness to deal with any Houthi escalation until the completion of the restoration of the state and ending the Houthi coup.


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