Al-Brakani contributes to the 34th Session of Arab Parliamentary Union in Baghdad

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Speaker of Parliament Sultan al-Brakani along with parliamentary delegation participated today, Saturday, in the discussions of the 34th Session of Arab Parliamentary Union in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Al-Brakani delivered a speech at the opening session in which provide an informative presentation about the miserable humanitarian situations in Yemen, particularly in the Iran-allied Terrorist Houthi militias where the populations have been chafed under the yoke of the militias’ atrocities and different forms of the vilations.

He squarely put blame on the Iranian regime for the ongoing protracted conflict and worsening the Yemeni peoples’ ordeal. He spoke openly about the Iranian interferences in the Yemeni internal affairs, smuggling weapons to the terrorist Houthi militias which are using the Iranian-made missiles and drones to attack the civil facilities in Yemen and neighboring countries.

He said” We’re facing a rogue group doesn’t hesitate to use the Iranian-made weapons to kill the civilians and bomb the civil facilities such as Aden airport, the seaports of al-Makha, Hadraout and Shabawa”.

The Speaker of Parliament touched upon the suffering of the population of Taiz governorate due to the strangling blockade which has been imposed by the Houthi militias upon the city of Taiz for more than eight years.


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