Parliament Speaker: Iran blamed for disturbances in Yemen, several Arab countries

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September Net

Speaker of Parliament Sultan al-Brakani squarely put blame on the Iranian regime for the prolonging conflicts and disturbances in several Arab countries, first and foremost of all is Yemen.

His statement came in a speech he delivered today, Monday, at the discussions of the 146 Session of the General Assembly of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the 211 Session of the Governing Council of the IPU held in the Kingdom of Bahrain from 11 to 15 of this March.

He said ” I’ve come from a country has been plagued by war triggered by the so-called Houthi militias which have overthrown the elected official government and has embarked on imposing sectarian religious doctrine and committing grave violations including kidnaping, imprisoning and sentencing to death parliamentarians, politicians, women, recruiting children, torturing and pillaging funds”.

He stated that Iran has sponsored the Houthi militias and backed the coup they carried out against the Yemeni State within its expansion scheme aims to establish itself as a regional superpower capable to take control over the world energy resources, control the world’s most important water passages.


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