Defense Minister inspects 1st Marine Brigade in Socotra


September Net

Minister of Defense (Lt Gen) Mohssen Mohammed Ad’airi along with General Chief of Staff, Commander of Joint Operations (Lt Gen) Saghir Hamood bin Aziz, Governor Socotra Eng. Ra’fat Athaqali and the Commander of Support and Sustaining in Arab Coalition Maj. General Sultan al-Baqmi paid an inspection visit today, Monday, to the First Marine Brigade stationed in the Archipelagos of Socotra to inspect the situations of the Brigade’s troops.

General Ada’iri and his companions inspected the combat preparedness and morale spirit of personnel of the Brigade, checked the efforts they have been making to establish security and stability in the Archipelagos.

He pointed out that his visit to the Island aimed to inspect the preparedness of the armed forces represented by the First Marine Brigade and the role it has been doing to maintain the stability of the Island.

The Minister of Defense and his accompanying delegation also visited several key facilities in the Archipelagos including the projects of electricity generate stations, Socotra Seaport and other health and educational institutions.


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