Brigadier General Tariq Saleh chairs a joint military meeting in Mocha


September Net

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, chaired a joint military meeting in Mocha, which included the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari, the governors of Taiz and Hodeidah, the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Sagheer bin Aziz, the leaders of the axes of Taiz, Al-Barah and Al-Hudaydah, and a delegation from the Arab coalition led by Major General Sultan.

Al-Baqami, and leaders from the ministry and the joint forces, the Guardians of the Republic, the Giants, and the Tuhamites.

The meeting discussed appropriate means to deal with the military escalation of the Houthi militia, and formulated practical steps to enhance and raise the efficiency of coordination between the various fronts.

The joint meeting renewed the emphasis on making full preparations, preparing the forces according to a unified and integrated plan, so that they are fully prepared for the next stage.


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