Rights organization condemns Houthi violations against civilians in Ibb Governorate

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September Net

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms condemned the massive repression and kidnappings launched by the terrorist Houthi militia yesterday, Thursday, against the civilians who participated in the funeral of activist Hamdi Abdul Razzaq who had just died of torture in a Houthi-run jail.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms said in a press statement, “The Houthi militia fired directly at unarmed civilians, and launched massive arrest campaigns led by Houthi figure Sakhr Hamza, to pursue and arrest people who attended the funeral of the martyr Hamdi who is widely known by the nickname Al-Mukahhal.

The statement added, “The Houthis eliminated the activist Hamdi Abdul Razzaq, by direct order from the militia’s main supervisor in Ibb Governorate, Abu Ali al-Kohlani, after he was imprisoned and tortured in various forms since last October.”

The statement indicated that the Houthi militia practices various types of criminal violations against citizens, including kidnappings, brutal torture, premeditated murder, and looting of their property in the Wadi al-Ghurab area of the Makhader Directorate in Ibb, pointing out that elements affiliated with the Houthi militia killed the citizen Khaled al-Dayaa in front of his wife and his children in a brutal way and dragged his dead body in the road.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms called for the immediate release of all citizens who were arrested by the Houthi militia from the middle of the funeral of martyr Hamdi Abdul Razzaq.


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