Al-Eryani: Houthi Militia’s escalation in Marib caused huge displacement wave

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Minister of Information, Cultural and Tourism Muamar al-Eryani has re-warned of new humanitarian tragedy over displacement wave from Harib District, southeast of Marib Province over Houthi terrorist militia’s recent military escalation in the district.

In a statement to Yemeni news Agency Saba on Thursday, al-Eryani made it clear that the statistic published by the Executive Unit for Managing Displacement Camps on the wave of displacement unearths new tragedy caused by the militia, neglecting calls for appeasement, the holy month of Ramadan and complicating humanitarian conditions.

He pointed out that the statistic reported displacement of 2198 civilians, most of them from women, children and aged in villages of the district.

Al-Eryani demanded the international community, the UN and the UN and US envoys to take serious position towards this escalation, which is accompanied by rocket and mortar shelling on the villages and houses of the citizens.


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